I have just subscribed and I can't login - what's wrong?

More than likely you are entering your login and/password incorrectly. Both fields are case sensitive so please enter both fields correctly.

The login will always have the suffix "@eurofeeds.com", meaning the correct login should be:

[your login id]@eurofeeds.com

Also please make sure your account is active. If the account is expired or over quota, you will not be able to authenticate.

In case you are not sure of you password, please use the login provided on our site to request a password reminder.

If you are still having problems, please submit a support ticket.

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I renewed and I still can't login - what's wrong?

Perhaps your account was not reactivated properly, please send us an email support@eurofeeds.com and we will resolve this immediately.

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I forgot my login details, help...

No problem, througout our site, at the top of each page, you may enter your login id or the original email with which you subscribed. Our system will find your account and mail you your password.

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I formatted my hard drive and I lost all my details - help...

I formatted my hard drive and I lost all my details - help... In this case please contact our support department for assistance. Please note, for security reasons you will be asked questions about your account, to determine the authenticity of the support call. We simply can not mail details (login id / passwords) to just anyone, otherwise anyone could gain access to your account.

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Can someone gain access to my login/password?

Can someone gain access to my login/password? No, your password is encrypted using tripledes encryption algorithm and a cypher key. Even if someone does steal your password, they would need the cypher key to decrypt the password. They cypher key is a pharse used to encrypt your password.

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I have upgraded to an Unlimited account, but my authentication is rejected, what's wrong?

Make sure you are using the new login id, i.e. someuser@eurofeeds.com.

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My download speed is lower than expected, what should I do?

Download our diagnostics program http://eurofeeds.com/downloads/SpeedDiags.exe, and execute it. The application require .Net Framework 2.0 in order to work, which can be obtained freely from http://microsoft.com.
The program will go through a series of tests, the results of which will be compiled into a report that will be sent to us. A copy of the report will be saved as a text file on your hard disk. The report is crucial for diagnosing your problem, and without it, we will not be able to help.
Please be aware that in most cases, speed related problems are not our fault, and are outside our scope. If it is possible, we will contact the owners of failing equipment and notify them of the problem.

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