Is your service anonymous?

Yes, however we do log IP addresses in order to combat spamming and abuse of our terms of service.

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Do you offer free test accounts?

No we don't. We offer 1Gb trial accounts for €1.50.

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Is downloading headers free?

Yes. Downloading headers does not consume from your purchased data limit.

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Which are your news servers?

Our news servers are:

Both are using port 119.

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Only 96,172 groups, isn't that less than other providers?

Yes, indeed other providers do carry more groups than us. However, in attempt at being efficient and very conservative with our disk space, we ONLY carry groups that are most in demand. It would be a waste of disk space to carry groups that have very little usage.

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Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do - but only under these conditions:

1. You can request a refund no later than 12 hours of subscribing to our service.
2. A refund will be granted only at our discretion.

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Where can I view my traffic usage?

Simply login to your account and you will be shown the amount of traffic you've consumed to date.

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How can I tell when my account will expire?

Accounts expire 30 days after activation. Alternatively, simply login to your account and you will be shown your account's expiry date.

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I am not in Europe, can I still subscribe?

Of-course. Whilst Europe based cutomers benefit from faster connection speeds, we welcome clients from all over the world.

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I have a Trial account, how do I obtain full membership?

Just login to your account, and you will be presented with the options for package selection and payment buttons. Once your payment has been processed, which normally is instant, your account will be activated.

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I've just signed up a trial acount, how do I use it?

Firstly, it's best you follow our online tutorials for Grabit, NewsBin Pro and Forte Agent, to get you started.

Once you have tested our system, and are happy to continue, simply login to your account and upgrade to a full package.

Remember, your trial account will expire within 30 days and really should be used to test our speed, retention and group coverage. A trial account is not meant for posting, although posting is enabled.

If you still are unsure or are experiencing problems, please contact our Support with your query.

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I have upgraded to an Unlimited package, but I've reconsidered and wish to revert to my old package, is it possible?

Yes, but only if you have not consumed any traffic using your unlimited account. You will need to get in touch with us, so we can make the appropriate changes.

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Do you allow posting?

Yes we do, but due to excessive spam/abuse posting privileges will be enabled only after you have been with us for at least 1 month. Please note, posting privileges will be revoked if you abuse our terms & conditions, as a result of complaint made against you. We reserve the right to amend our posting policy at any time for the good of our service, our clients and the Usenet community.

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Do you support SSL?

Yes we do: We are happy to announce we now fully support NNTPS (NNTP over SSL). NNTPS is supported on all our products and is offered at no additional charge. NNTPS is supported on ports 563, 564, 600, 663, 664.

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Do you support other ports?

Yes we do. The following are alternate ports to the standard 119: 23,80, 81, 443, 8080, 2323 8181.

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